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Strong ImmunityStrong Immunity

Strong Immunity

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Enhanced EasiacEnhanced Easiac

Enhanced Easiac

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Sinu DrainSinu Drain

Sinu Drain

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Woman of WisdomWoman of Wisdom

Woman of Wisdom

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Urine HealthUrine Health

Urine Health

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Mood LifterMood Lifter

Mood Lifter

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The Story of Crystal Garden Herbs

Kristy Haley

Crystal Garden Herbs (CGH) was founded in 1991.  Crystal Garden Herbs promotes a holistic approach to health care by supplying safe and effective herbal products to the general population. 

With a degree in Environmental Science and an understanding of herbal medicine I was a firm believer that plants play a significant part in healing body systems.  After managing an herb shop and studying the science of herbal properties and formulation, I decided to purchase CGH in 2002.  

I bet if you asked most small business owners they would say, “I started in the basement of my house”.   That is also true of Crystal Garden Herbs.  After a few years of raising my children and running CGH out of my home, I decided to build a custom made timber frame facility on our 13 acres.   

Quality control is made throughout the entire process of creation, from sourcing the herbs, to maceration and bottling.  CGH is determined to create natural medicine with respect for the environment and a passion for healthy living.  We specialize in 21 unique herbal tinctures as well as herbal teas and body care  products.  These herbal tinctures are designed for our major body systems, and contain added flower essences to help rebalance the disrupted energy or emotional patterns associated with each condition for a truly holistic effect.  Our formulas have a lower alcohol content and added glycerin to improve taste and effectiveness.  We use only organically grown or wild crafted herbs to make these fully concentrated liquid formulas. 

Our staff continues to take pride in offering a product to meet the satisfaction of our growing clientele.  We take pleasure in bringing our supplements to your home.